Harbin Cardiologist Provides Emergency Care On A Plane

An international plane flight turned into a medical emergency, but thanks to the quick thinking of Harbin Clinic Cardiologist Dr. Ankit Patel everything turned out fine.

“I was on a long-range flight from Chicago to Abu Dhabi on February 15,” said Dr. Patel. “We were about an hour and a half away from Abu Dhabi, and I noticed a flight attendant come by with an oxygen tank.”

Dr. Patel realized the woman sitting a few rows in front of him was in medical distress. He sprang into action and used his medical training to evaluate her condition and begin emergency treatment.

“She was 43 years old and had a 16-month old baby with her,” said Dr. Patel. “I was worried that she might have a blood clot, because she was recently pregnant and she hadn’t gotten up from her seat and walked around during the flight.”

As he observed the woman, Dr. Patel became increasingly worried about her condition. He thought fast and convinced the pilots to perform an emergency landing in Qatar, in hopes of getting the woman to an emergency room as fast as possible.

As the plane started descending, the woman regained consciousness and was rushed to a local hospital once they landed. Dr. Patel said he was glad to be in the right place at the right time.

“I’ve never had this happen when I was flying before,” said Dr. Patel. “It’s something I’m proud of. I’m proud to be a doctor and that I was able to help save someone’s life, especially because it was a mother with a young child.”

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