Hand & Wrist

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Carpal Tunnel Repair

Trigger Finger Release

Wrist Arthroscopy

Harbin Clinic Hand Center provides comprehensive care for conditions from shoulder to fingertip. With the only board-certified and fellowship-trained hand and upper extremity specialist in the region, we provide a level of specialty care that is usually only available in large metropolitan areas. Our specialists evaluate and treat thousands of patients each year from infants to adults, often performing in-office procedures when appropriate.

Our specialists are available to diagnose and treat the entire spectrum of upper extremity conditions, whether a patient needs reconstructive hand surgery, minimally invasive arthroscopic wrist or elbow surgery, or simply an evaluation and non-operative treatment. 

Hand Conditions & Treatments

This list shows the range of conditions we treat on a regular basis, however this is not a comprehensive list. If you’re in need of help for any of these orthopaedic conditions or others not listed here, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Our Team

Our goal is to ensure our patients are seen as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have a team of qualified medical providers, including Dr. Stephen Klasson, Orthopedic Hand Surgeon and Lindsay Hunter, Physician Assistant.

  • If your condition is not urgent, Dr. Klasson's team will schedule you in his first available appointment time.
  • If you need to be seen right away, and Dr. Klasson is not available, one of our exceptional team members will get your care started, and Dr. Klasson will follow-up with you.