Give Your Dad The Gift Of Health

This Father’s Day, Harbin Clinic wants to care completely for your father so he can continue to care for you.

The gift of health is one of the best gifts you could give your father. Make this Father’s Day one about making healthy choices as a family.

Eat Good, Feel Good

Give your dad the gift of healthy, home cooked meals. A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables can prevent illnesses including heart disease, the leading cause of death in men. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests limiting foods and drinks high in calories, sugar, salt, fat and alcohol.

Cooking meals together can be a fun, family activity. A cooking class everyone can participate in is a great Father’s Day gift that is sure to get your dad more engaged in eating healthy.

Make your father feel like he has a part in the kitchen. A set of cooking knives or grilling tools are great gifts that can inspire him to create culinary delights.  

Superhero Activity

Help your dad feel like a superhero this Father’s Day by encouraging him to stay active and healthy. The CDC reports that adults need at least two and a half hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week and muscle strengthening activities that work all major muscle groups on two or more days a week.

Giving your dad the gift of a fitness tracker can help him keep up with his exercise regime and stay healthy. Fitness trackers can do everything from tracking steps, to counting calories and hours slept, calculating distance traveled and much more.

A new pair of running or walking shoes is a great gift to go along with a fitness tracker, and if given as an early present, he can be comfy and styling to join Harbin Clinic for the Doc Walk and Talk series.

Chill Out Daddy-O

Good health requires not only a balanced diet and exercise but also less stress.

A hammock is the perfect Father’s Day gift to help your dad de-stress. Your dad can take his hammock into the outdoors on a quiet, peaceful afternoon and relax his way into the evening.

Another great gift for your dad is a sound and sleep device that projects soft, soothing nature sounds. The device can be used as a sleep aid and can also be used to release stress. 

Harbin Clinic cares about fathers, dads, daddies, pops, and papas and wishes every one of them a healthy, happy Father’s Day.

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