Get Ready To Exercise And Talk With A Harbin Doc

Doctors are always telling their patients that being active is good for them, and locals now have a chance to exercise with a physician that practices what they preach.

Harbin Clinic is launching a new pilot program aimed at getting everyone outside to exercise and also get some quality time with a Harbin Clinic physician in the Harbin Doc Walk & Talk series.

The first event kicks off on Tuesday, March 22 at Bridgepointe Plaza on Second Avenue in Rome at 5:30 p.m. where participants will get the chance to walk with Harbin Clinic Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Dr. Mary Margaret Beauchamp.

The American Heart Association says one of the best ways to get started walking is to walk with a group.  Walking is a low-cost, easy way to get some great exercise. It doesn’t require special clothes, equipment or membership to a gym or special club.

Walking also offers some great health benefits, including lowering the risk of health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, strengthening bones and muscles, helping burn extra calories and helping improve mood.

“I think this is a great chance for people to get outdoors and move,” Dr. Beauchamp says. “We can all exercise together and talk about various health interests.”

There will also be a Harbin Doc Walk & Talk event on Tuesday, April 19 and will be led by Harbin Clinic Orthopaedic Surgeon Jason Rogers.

Weather in March and April can be unpredictable. Please check Harbin Clinic’s web site, Facebook and Twitter pages for updates about the events in case of bad weather. For more information, visit