Gal Talk Speakers Encourage, Inspire Audience

“Keep sight of what your gaps are but really, really focus on your strengths.”

Those words, delivered during Tori Hannah’s keynote speech at Friday’s 2015 Gal Talk sponsored by Harbin Clinic, kicked off a day of female speakers imploring a crowd of more than 225 women to Love Your Selfie.

Hannah, regional external affairs manager for Georgia Power, served as one of 14 speakers at the event held at Berry College’s Krannert Center, as each speaker relayed life messages and delivered powerful quotes.

Local attorney J.J Seifert talked about her grandmother telling her when she was younger, “that girls can do anything boys can.”

Seifert said the words puzzled her, and she preferred to say them a different way.

“Girls can do anything. The end,” she said to a loud round of applause.

Kenna Stock, Harbin Clinic’s Executive Director who will take over the reins as CEO in October, spoke about being a mom of four without a college degree, and the struggles she encountered on trying to reenter the work force.

When she didn’t land a job she had interviewed for, it pushed her on a path to getting a college degree.

“You can either be overcome by disappointment, or disappointment can be a catalyst to spur you on to something you need to do,” she said.

Gal Talk coordinator Ali Freeman kept the program moving, the crowd pumped and even took to the stage with a selfie stick to capture a photo of the audience.

Berry College student and tennis player Kaleigh Carpenter brought the conference to a close relaying her story about being born, “not normal”.

Carpenter’s left arm was missing below the elbow at birth, and she talked about the struggles with being different and coming to terms with it.

Although she used prosthetics a lot throughout the early parts of her life, she now only uses a prosthetic when she plays tennis, choosing to focus on and show off who she is.

Her closing comment, “I’m not called to a life of negative attitudes but to a life worth living,” brought the session to an end, as the crowd erupted in a standing ovation.


Photos from today's wonderful inspirational session for women themed "Love Your Selfie!"

Posted by Harbin Clinic on Friday, July 10, 2015