The Free Clinic of Rome Wins #HarbinDimeTime Contest

The Free Clinic of Rome is about to be rolling in the dimes. Harbin Clinic’s Dime Time Facebook contest ended on Sunday afternoon, and the Free Clinic of Rome garnered the most votes out of the five charities.

To celebrate reaching 20,000 likes on Facebook, the Free Clinic of Rome will receive a check for $2,000, that’s 20,000 dimes, from Harbin Clinic in the upcoming days.

We’d like to thank the more than 550 Facebook users who voted in the contest and everyone who submitted nominations for charities in helping Harbin Clinic give back to the community.

Facebook users had nominated these five charities: The Free Clinic of Rome, the Family Resource Center, the Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia, Mercy Care Rome and Win Win Equine Services and Therapy.