The Faces That Bring Hope


One of the most important weapons in the fight against cancer is a positive attitude.  That’s why, alongside Harbin Clinic Cancer Center’s world-class physicians, state-of-the-art technology, and architecturally stunning headquarters built in 2010, it is important to keep the names and faces of cancer fighters and survivors front and center.

The Faces of Hope photography collection gracing the interiors of the Cancer Center shows the spirit, individuality, diversity and grit of those fighting and winning against cancer in Northwest Georgia.  Each stunning black and white portrait illuminates a person who has fought and won against cancer and who is living a rich and rewarding life after the cancer journey.

“So many of the people treated at the Harbin Clinic Cancer Center have inspiring stories,” said Dr. Missy Dillmon, medical oncologist for Harbin Clinic.  “You can see it in each photograph.  Here is Orlinda Mendez in the kitchen she loves to be in so she can create nutritious foods.  There is Mike Prater with his faithful pooch by his side.  One look into Ralph White’s eyes shows that he has rivers of wisdom to impart.  Chuck Shaw is so full of life with his amazing smile.  And Patsy Harrison looks like the perfect person to have a long talk with about the meaning of life.”  These and many others adorn the walls of the Cancer Center, giving hope and joy to patients and their families and caregivers.

The photographs were taken by local artist, Kelly Moore.  According to Mr. Moore, “Black and white photography was chosen because it is evocative.  The goal of this project was to illustrate a positive, uplifting story.  Each person told their story with a smile on their face.  Although each story is unique, the thread of hope runs through all the photos. “

The Cancer Center is open Monday through Friday and all are welcome to visit and view the Faces of Hope collection.