Earl Wilkerson

Earl WilkersonMy colon cancer began with a routine health exam, when it was detected. I was grateful to my primary care physician for their swift diagnosis. Since then, my fight with cancer has spanned over a year, including several tests, treatments and then surgery.

This experience has helped me appreciate my life and the people in it. It reminded me that life is not everlasting, so I’ve decided to live out my dreams. One of my dreams has been to get a Harley Davidson motorcycle and now I am the proud owner of one! Riding has eased my nerves, and helped me forget the melancholy that comes along with cancer and treatments.

I would tell newly- diagnosed patients to remember that cancer is like a journey. You have to keep moving forward. You have to have faith during the best and worst of times, and remember to lean on your support system.

My Harbin Clinic primary physician referred me to the Harbin Clinic Cancer Center, and I am very satisfied with the care I received. I relied on the doctors, family and friends, and just found out that I am cancer free. The outcome from this journey has been a true blessing.