Dr. Zeina Yanbeiy joins Harbin Clinic Rheumatology Cartersville

When her patient had lost all hope, Dr. Zeina Yanbeiy became that much more determined. 

A rheumatologist with a multidisciplinary approach to treating diseases, Dr. Yanbeiy recalls that it took patience and firm resolution to achieve results. However, together, she and her patient were successful in turning his health around.

“He was dealing with uncontrolled muscle and skin disease, leaving him unable to swallow or dress himself. Understandably, he was in a state of depression and, at one point, was completely hopeless,” she recalls. “It took several months, but with treatment, he regained control of his life. I saw him recently and he wasn’t walking with a cane or any other assistive devices. He had a big smile on his face.” 

Moments like this are what remind Dr. Yanbeiy why she loves her work and to never lose patience, no matter what the situation may be. This positive persistence and a passion for approaching the problem from multiple angles helps Dr. Yanbeiy bring her patients to long-term success and a better overall health outcome. 

Dr. Yanbeiy joins Harbin Clinic Rheumatology Cartersville where Dr. Nonyelum Ejieke welcomes her expertise.

“Dr. Yanbeiy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as our rheumatology health services in the Bartow area continue to grow,” says. Dr. Ejieke. “She is a great addition to our team, and I’m happy to welcome her.”

A Passion for Healing

Dr. Yanbeiy found a love of science early on. As a child, she became fascinated with the way the human body works, and that interest in science, combined with her propensity for building relationships, led her to the field of medicine. 

“I love connecting with people from different walks of life, and I felt that being a doctor brought my love of science and passion for people together in a very natural way,” she says. “I love rheumatology in particular because I’m able to build long-term relationships with my patients and get to know them quite well over time.”

Dr. Yanbeiy works with patients who suffer from autoimmune disorders, and she enjoys working with all of the different specialties that can come into the mix as she finds the right formula for the health and success of each individual patient.

“It takes real teamwork to find the answers, and I always want to make sure my patients have the resources they need to feel in control of their health,” says Dr. Yanbeiy. “It’s not just a doctor-patient relationship to me. I feel that we are a team and we are working together toward the goal of getting them a better quality of life.”

Excited for New Beginnings

Dr. Yanbeiy says she is looking forward to her role on the Harbin Clinic team as well as getting to know her new colleagues. 

“I immediately felt that there was a real collegial environment among everyone at Harbin Clinic, and I knew it was the right fit for me,” says Dr. Yanbeiy.

Along her life’s journey, Dr. Yanbeiy has lived all over the globe and has also experienced a variety of cultures.

“I like to think of myself as a world citizen,” she jokes.

Dr. Yanbeiy was born in Syria and her family migrated to Australia when she was three. From there, they moved to Dubai, where she spent most of her life before heading to medical school in Jordan. 

She moved to the United States about five years ago, and she and her husband are now looking forward to living in Georgia. The two enjoy taking long walks and hikes with their labradoodle and are excited to get to a warmer climate after years spent in the Midwest. 

“I’ve never lived in the South, but we’ve heard great things about the people of this area. I’m excited for this new adventure.”

More about Dr. Yanbeiy

Dr. Yanbeiy received her medical degree from Jordan University of Science and Technology in Irbid, Jordan. She completed her residency at the University of Illinois at Chicago/Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois. She did her fellowship in Rheumatology at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics in Madison, Wisconsin.