Dr. Rajeeve Subbiah Connects with Harbin Clinic Cardiology Cartersville

Dr. Rajeeve Subbiah was well on his way to a career in computer engineering when he realized something important was missing from his chosen profession.

“I liked computer programming, but it wasn’t very personal,” says Dr. Subbiah. “I wanted the sense of connection and fulfillment from helping people achieve and maintain their best health.

Dr. Subbiah says his father, who is a general cardiologist, indirectly inspired him to pursue a medical career.

“When I was initially going through school, being a physician was the last thing I considered. But it slowly dawned on me that because of my dad, I always volunteered at hospitals and was immersed in the healthcare industry. It impacted me more than I thought.”

Connecting the Art and Science of Medical Practice

Born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Dr. Subbiah says he was a problem-solver from a young age.

“I love a good challenge,” he says, laughing. “As a kid, I was all about math and science. I loved applying solutions to conflicts and seeing what it took to unravel them.”

“With engineering,” he continues, “solutions are often black and white. That’s why I gravitated toward medicine. There are billions of nuances and shades of gray. It’s both an art and a science.”

After earning his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at Purdue University in Indiana, Dr. Subbiah received his Medical Doctorate from Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA.

There in the Department of Internal Medicine, he completed his residency and Cardiology Fellowship. At the University of Florida, Dr. Subbiah completed his Interventional Cardiology Fellowship.

Now Dr. Subbiah joins Harbin Clinic Cardiology Cartersville where he’ll work as an Interventional Cardiologist for the people of Bartow County.

“Everyone in our department is thrilled that Dr. Subbiah is joining us,” says Dr. Maxwell Prempeh, Department Chair at Harbin Clinic Cardiology Cartersville. “He’s a great guy and will only improve the excellent care our patients already receive.”

Connecting with Cartersville

Dr. Subbiah, his wife Christen and their 6-month-old daughter June, are all ready to become part of the Northwest Georgia community and to be a part of Harbin Clinic in particular, he says.

“I can’t say enough how happy I am to join Harbin Clinic,” says Dr. Subbiah. “It was obvious from the get-go that Harbin cares immensely for patients, physicians, employees and the people in the communities it serves. My family and I can’t wait to get to know Cartersville, and I can’t wait to care for them.”