Dr. Paul Brock Named Faculty Member of the Year by Students at Medical College of Georgia

Harbin Clinic today announced that longtime surgeon Dr. Paul Brock has been named “Faculty Member of the Year” for his exceptional work with students at the Medical College of Georgia’s clinical campus in northwest Georgia.

“This recognition is voted on by students to honor a faculty member who goes above and beyond to teach and empower students and exemplify the highest standards of excellence in their field of expertise,” said Dr. Leonard Reeves, Assistant Dean of the Medical College of Georgia.  “Dr. Brock is widely admired for his work ethic, compassion and professionalism and is a true inspiration for those who study under him.”

Dr. Brock joined the faculty at the Medical College of Georgia in May 2012 and currently serves as Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery in the School of Medicine. He teaches the required four-week General Surgery rotation and also serves as an ongoing resource for students by helping to connect them with subspecialty physicians in the community based on their specific areas of interest.

 “The Medical College of Georgia is comprised of a distinguished faculty of physicians who I deeply respect and am proud to call my colleagues, so I’m very honored and humbled to receive the "Faculty of the Year” designation from my students,” Dr. Brock said. “It’s rewarding to know I’m making a difference in the lives of these budding physicians, and I hope to instill in them a fervent passion for medicine and quality patient care, regardless of the specialty they ultimately choose.”