Dr. Matthew Mumber Helps Develop National Guidelines for Integrated Breast Cancer Treatments

Harbin Clinic's Dr. Matthew Mumber, chairman of the Radiation Oncology practice, has helped create the first guidelines for the Society for Integrated Oncology (SIO) regarding the use of supportive care therapies for treating patients with breast cancer. In conjunction with conventional cancer treatments, certain complementary therapies have been shown to help relieve certain symptoms of cancer, decrease side effects of treatment, and improve a patient's overall well-being.

During his tenure at Harbin Clinic, Dr. Mumber has been integral to providing Complete Cancer Care℠ at the Tony E. Warren, MD Cancer Center. The practice’s integrative approach to care is anchored by the combination of supportive therapy modalities with traditional cancer treatments to address the whole person on all levels of an individual’s being and experience.

Dr. Mumber worked alongside a multidimensional team of researchers from notable institutions across the country – including Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Michigan, and Memorial Sloan Kettering, and others – to evaluate and analyze more than 80 different supportive therapies. The group used nine biomedical publication databases to review randomized controlled clinical trials conducted from 1990 through 2013 among breast cancer patients that tested complementary therapies together with standard cancer care treatment methods.

Recently published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monograph, the findings of Dr. Mumber and his research colleagues conclude that meditation, yoga, and relaxation with imagery are strongly recommended for aiding breast cancer patients who suffer from anxiety and mood disorders. Stress management, yoga, massage, music therapy, energy conservation, and meditation are also recommended for helping to reduce stress, depression, and fatigue.

“For those battling cancer, Complete Cancer Care includes fighting the disease itself through traditional methods like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, alongside evidence-based complementary care that addresses the whole person,” Dr. Mumber said. “Complementary therapies can be beneficial to a patient’s overall recovery process, and the SIO guidelines offer practicing oncologists easy access to practical evidence-based tools that address a variety of symptoms. I’m very proud of my research colleagues and everyone who contributed to this exciting effort.”

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