Dr. John-Scott Carroll Joins Family Medicine Rome

Taking a few extra minutes to dig deeper into someone’s family medical history can bring about a wealth of change for their future.

This is something Dr. John-Scott Carroll knows well, and it flourishes within his philosophy as a Family Medicine physician. He experienced firsthand the positive effects of not rushing through an appointment with a patient during his residency.

“I had a patient in his late 20s who suffered from high blood pressure,” explains Dr. Carroll. “He’d seen several other residents who’d just prescribed him medication, but I spent a little extra time taking his family history. I learned almost every one of his family members also had high blood pressure and his grandparents died of heart disease.”

Then Dr. Carroll explained what having high blood pressure meant for the young man, the effects of not controlling it and helped him explore some lifestyle changes he could make to improve his health.

“I remember him saying ‘Nobody has ever explained this to me,’” says Dr. Carroll. “But it’s important we don’t tell people they need to modify their lives or take medication. We need to explain to them why it’s necessary, and put it in a way they understand.”

Harbin Clinic Family Medicine Rome welcomes Dr. Carroll to the team of physicians who care completely for families.

“We’re very happy to have Dr. Carroll join us,” says Dr. Fernando Molina. “He’s a wonderful doctor who truly cares about helping people achieve their best health, so he’s a fantastic fit for our practice.”

“Everyone we’ve met at Harbin Clinic has been so welcoming, it’s like joining a family,” says Dr. Carroll. “From observing how everyone interacts with one another and with patients, I feel like I belong here.”

Proactive, Not Reactive

With his focus in preventative medicine, Dr. Carroll seeks to help people learn and address their health risks long before illnesses happen.

“Being able to identify someone’s family history and help them to curtail their lifestyle to ward off diseases makes a huge difference,” says Dr. Carroll.

“It can lead to a completely different outcome,” he continues. “Instead of the process being a diagnosis and treatment, we can make changes to prevent major illnesses. We can be proactive instead of reactive.”

Small Town Charm

Dr. Carroll was born and raised in the small town of Forrest City, Arkansas, where his interactions with his local physician left a lasting impact.

“My dad’s best friend was our town’s pediatrician,” he says. “I grew up hearing stories from him about the profession of medicine and seeing how he helped our community. That really inspired me to go into medicine in the first place.”

Dr. Carroll has mostly lived in small towns his entire life. That’s one reason he and his wife, Dr. Kathryn Carroll - a pediatrician also joining Harbin Clinic - believe Rome is the perfect place to lay down roots.

“We love it here; this is a great city,” says Dr. Carroll. “Rome has the small town, community feel I’ve been looking for, and I know I can make a difference in peoples’ lives here.”

More About Dr. Carroll

Dr. Carroll, his wife and their 2-year-old son Grant enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, exploring and travelling.

A huge sports fan, Dr. Carroll says he can’t get enough of college football, basketball and baseball, and is an avid golfer. A skilled woodworker, Dr. Carroll also enjoys delving into do-it-yourself projects and builds furniture.

Dr. Carroll received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Ross University in Portsmouth, Dominica. He completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria in Peoria, Illinois. Dr. Carroll is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians.