Dr. Jason Dunn joins Harbin Clinic Psychology Rome

Fifteen years ago, if you asked Dr. Jason Dunn what he would be up to today, he would never have guessed he would be practicing psychology.

“I kind of fell into it in college,” Dr. Dunn recalls. “I needed an extra class and just happened to pick psychology.”

He went into the class at Emory & Henry College in Southwest Virginia with no expectations, but discovered he loved the subject and his professor inspired him.

As Dr. Dunn furthered his training, he found that while psychology merely interested him at first, it transformed into something that he loves to do.

“I feel really privileged to do this,” says Dr. Dunn. “When people invite me into their most deep and personal thoughts, I consider it a true honor and responsibility to be trusted in that way.”

Dr. Jason Dunn joins the healthcare team at Harbin Clinic Psychology Rome this summer.

"We are excited to have Dr. Dunn join the group," says Harbin Clinic Psychologist Dr. Frank Harbin. "The experience and skills he brings to the table are great additions to our office and his easy-going personality is the perfect fit for our comforting environment.

The Doctor is In

Dr. Dunn’s mission with his patients is to let them know that what they’re feeling is justified; he’s there to help his patients navigate their troubles.

“My job is to help you realize you have value and validation. I’m not here to judge,” says Dr. Dunn. “I’ve found that when you’re able to open up to someone who isn’t looking down on you, that’s when true healing takes place,” observes Dr. Dunn.

Dr. Dunn feels that he is particularly skilled at helping people deal with anxiety and its associated issues. He enjoys the process of uncovering the root of the problems people are facing and supporting them in learning coping mechanisms.

“I always know we’re getting somewhere when a patient has that ‘A-ha!’ moment and they say, ‘I’ve never thought of it that way before,’” says Dr. Dunn. “When that happens, it reminds me that I am exactly where I should be.”

Do as the Romans Do

In 2010, towards the end of his studies, Dr. Dunn learned of an internship opportunity at the Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital in Rome.

“I was in the last group of interns at the hospital before it closed,” Dr. Dunn remembers. “They took really good care of us and I’m so glad for the experience, but I especially enjoyed getting to know Rome.”

The Dunns moved to Rome that same year and immediately began to settle in. They love the fact that Rome has the feeling of a small town, but still has a lot of festivals and activities. One reason Dr. Dunn is excited to come on board at Harbin Clinic is how active Harbin is in the community.

“I’ve enjoyed running in some of the Harbin Clinic races,” says Dr. Dunn. “One year I ran as the Flash in the Harbin Clinic Hero Hustle because I thought it was funny that I’m not nearly as fast as the Flash.”

Dr. Dunn plays bass in the First United Methodist Praise Band, and he and his wife Julee feel that Rome is a great place to raise their two sons, Micah, 7, and Ezra, 4.

Julee has worked as a special education teacher with autistic children for 15 years and will be opening an autism clinic in Rome this summer.

“We are doing what we’ve always tended to do: make big life changes all at the same time,” Dr. Dunn chuckles. “She will be opening her clinic just as I am starting with Harbin Clinic, so it will be a good summer.”

More about Dr. Dunn

Dr. Dunn received his Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. He completed his internship in clinical psychology at Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital in Rome, Georgia. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Georgia Psychological Association.