Dr. Digant Bhatt joins Harbin Clinic Cardiology Cartersville

A role in a middle school play and a grandfather struggling with heart disease set the stage for Dr. Digant V. Bhatt to become a cardiologist.

“I was in a play in the seventh grade, and my character was a doctor. It was a very funny play, and I really enjoyed it. That made an impact on me,” Dr. Bhatt (pronounced BOT) says.

Good grades along with a talkative streak and a love for helping people led Dr. Bhatt to an important decision.

Picking his path

“I was good at both biology and physics, so I was really trying to decide between engineering and medical school,” he says.

Dr. Bhatt spoke with a family friend to help him make the decision.

“A 16-year-old boy probably isn’t ready to make a lifelong decision, so a family friend with perspective helped,” he says. “My great desire to care for people became clear during our discussion. That was a turning point for me. I decided to go into medicine.”

Dr. Bhatt’s grandfather got sick while he was in medical school and he wanted to help.

“One doctor suggested a pacemaker, but my instincts and training told me he needed a change of medication. His doctor agreed with my insight,” Dr. Bhatt says. “I felt great that I could help my grandfather and the whole experience led me to cardiology.”

Impacting patients’ lives

The impact on patients is another key reason why Dr. Bhatt loves being a cardiologist.

“Patients come in on a stretcher with chest pain or cardiac arrest. You treat them, and then you get to see them walk out the door,” Dr. Bhatt says. “It’s great being able to help people that way and make sure my patients are healthy and satisfied.”

When Dr. Bhatt began looking for the perfect spot to practice medicine, he focused on finding a place where he could put his life’s motto to work.

“My personal motto is not only to treat the disease but to care for people individually and to care for the whole community,” Dr. Bhatt says. “I looked at a lot of places in Georgia. When I saw how involved Harbin Clinic is in the Northwest Georgia community, I knew I had found the perfect place.”

Dr. Bhatt is joining the practice of Dr. Maxwell Prempeh at Harbin Clinic Cardiology Cartersville located at 150 Gentilly Boulevard.

“Dr. Bhatt brings a great level of care and compassion to his work,” Dr. Prempeh says. “He is a great addition to our team, and I know he will be a benefit to the Cartersville community.”

After getting his medical degree at CU Shah Medical College in Surendranagar India, Dr. Bhatt journeyed to the United States. He earned his Master of Public Health at Georgia State University and served an Internal Medicine residency at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Medicine. He then had a Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship at Canton Medical Education Foundation/Aultman Hospital/NEOMED, in Canton, Ohio.

His heart was in Georgia

Although his training took him out of the South, once it came time to find a permanent place, he took aim at Georgia.

“When my plane from India landed in Georgia, it was love at first sight,” he says. “I love the Cartersville area, because it allows me to help patients from Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. There are also some pretty good hiking trails as well.”

Dr. Bhatt lists ping pong, badminton, tennis and music as hobbies along with a zeal for meeting people from different cultures and trying different cuisines. He says his favorite way to spend time is to be with his young son.

“Our son is very charming. My wife and I enjoy every single moment with him,” he says.

Dr. Bhatt’s smile flashes when he discusses caring for patients.

“I would like everyone to know that I’m not just a physician. I’m going to treat my patients at a personal level,” he says. “I’m going to be there for them and their families, and I want to help them get better.”

Part of his personal care for patients is encouraging all of his heart patients to participate in stress-relieving activities. Dr. Bhatt practices yoga and says he will be happy to teach his patients.

“I use yoga in my life to help relieve stress and to help me feel better,” he says. “Studies have shown the positive effects of relieving stress on heart patients, and I want to make sure my patients can learn these valuable tools.”

To find out more about Dr. Bhatt or to schedule an appointment please call us at 470-490-6670 or visit www.harbinclinic.com/cardiology.