Dr. Chris Nelson Set To Lead June Walk With a Doc

Of all the industrialized nations on earth, Americans walk the least.

But you can help change that by coming out to stretch your legs, make new friends and enjoy Rome’s scenic trails at Harbin Clinic’s next Walk with a Doc.     

On June 16th at 9 a.m., Harbin Clinic chiropractor Dr. Chris Nelson will give a brief health talk at Bridgepoint Plaza followed by a two-mile walk along the Kingfisher Trail. People of all ages and fitness levels will enjoy this chance to exercise and socialize.

“I’m very excited to lead June’s Walk with a Doc,” says Dr. Nelson. “I love that the walks foster not only fitness but also community engagement.”

The national Walk with a Doc program began in 2005 in Columbus, Ohio and has expanded to an international entity with walks in over 20 countries. Harbin Clinic kicked off its own version of the program in 2017. More than 500 community members and 15 Harbin Clinic physicians have participated in the walks held every third Saturday from April to October.

“Walking is a great low-impact exercise for people with injuries and conditions that may prevent them from performing more strenuous activities,” Dr. Nelson says. “Walking on a regular basis can reduce the risk for heart disease and diabetes, support weight loss and lead to a longer, healthier life.”

Walkers should wear light clothing and comfortable shoes to beat the heat and stay safe. Summer weather in Georgia can be unpredictable, so check Harbin Clinic’s website, Facebook and Twitter for updates on the event.