Dr. Brandon Miller to lead July's Walk with a Doc

The average person will walk about 65,000 miles over the course of their life. That’s equivalent to walking the circumference of the earth three times.

Get a head start on your next trip around the globe at Harbin Clinic’s Walk with a Doc on Saturday, July 21. Harbin Clinic ENT Dr. Brandon Miller will present a short health talk at Bridgepoint Plaza at 9 a.m. before leading a two-mile walk along the Kingfisher Trail.

“I love Walk with a Doc,” says Dr. Miller. “The program offers a great opportunity for physicians and patients to develop relationships and work together to live healthy lives.”

Experts recommend that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week. One way you can achieve this goal is by walking for 20 minutes each day. Walking can help lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, promote weight loss and put you in a better mood.  

“Walking is a great exercise that just about anyone can do,” says Dr. Miller. “It’s a low-impact activity that is a good option for those with injuries and illnesses that limit activity and mobility.”

Walk with a Doc is held every third Saturday from April to November. Walkers should wear light clothing and comfortable shoes to stay safe in the summer heat. Georgia weather can be unpredictable, so visit Harbin Clinic’s website, Facebook and Twitter for updates on the event.