Dr. Asmitha Sathiyakumar joins Harbin Clinic Spine & Pain Rome

During her residency training at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Asmitha Sathiyakumar says she came to regard teamwork as paramount among medical staff.

“We had some pretty awful traumas come across the operating room during my residency, and in those serious life-or-death situations, the staff must work toward the same goal: getting this patient out alive,” she says. “There has to be that strong sense of camaraderie.”

That sentiment of teamwork rings true, she says, whether in the Emergency Room or the Exam Room.

“From the moment I was introduced to Harbin Clinic doctors, I picked up on the alliance that exists between all the specialty practices,” Dr. Sathiyakumar says. “It’s evident that Harbin Clinic’s emphasis on unity and patient care is on par with my own ideals.”

Harbin Clinic Spine & Pain Management Rome welcomes Dr. Sathiyakumar to its team of physicians dedicated to caring completely for the backbones and achy joints of Rome.

“Dr. Sathiyakumar has a very versatile skillset that makes her a tremendous asset to Harbin Clinic,” says Dr. Richard Donadio, a Spine and Pain physician who has been at Harbin for more than 20 years. “With her focus on head and neck injuries and her expert training in addressing pelvic pain in women, Dr. Sathiyakumar’s presence at Harbin Clinic only enhances the great care our patients receive. We’re very excited she’s joining us.”

“I’m ecstatic about my career with Harbin Clinic; I already feel very welcomed by the physicians and clinic staff,” says Dr. Sathiyakumar. “I’m ready to help my patients manage and allay their back and joint pains.”

Serious Credentials

Born in Texas, but raised in Rochester NY, Dr. Sathiyakumar moved to Atlanta with her parents in 2002, just two years before she went to college at Vanderbilt University for her undergraduate degree.

After earning her Medical Doctorate degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, TN, Dr. Sathiyakumar completed her residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine in Baltimore, MD.

A member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the Spine Intervention Society, Dr. Sathiyakumar completed her fellowship in interventional pain and pain management within the Department of Anesthesiology at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

She was drawn to moving back to Georgia to be closer to her parents. A newlywed, she and her husband, Dr. Amarabalan Rajendran (Dr. Raj) chose to move to Rome, and Dr. Raj is a doctor at Kindred Hospital.

“I love the South,” says Dr. Sathiyakumar. “The weather is great and people are very friendly. People seem very grateful for the care you give them, and they’re so open and neighborly.”

Here to Fix Painful Discs and Chronic Cricks

Dr. Sathiyakumar says she’s very social and enjoys getting to know people, which, coupled with her love for science, pharmacology and biology, inspired her to go into medicine.

“I love working in the pain medicine field because it allows me to be hands-on with patients,” she says. “I can converse with them and get to know them a little better, as their physician who truly does care. I want to have long term relationships with the people I treat.”

Embracing her new town, Dr. Sathiyakumar is especially keen to see her patients both in the clinic and out in the community, as she plans to be a very active Roman.

“I’m still just getting to know Rome, but I love it here,” says Dr. Sathiyakumar. “I hope to get really involved and support this city and my patients. I’m delighted to be here and at Harbin Clinic.”