Diagnosing joint injuries just got easier with tiny technology

You know it’s bad news when you feel a twist, roll, pop or creak. 

You sensed something happen, you know something isn’t right, but in the world of imaging, X-Rays and scans, getting full diagnosis details from a joint injury can sometimes take a while. 

But thanks to revolutionary new technology, Orthopedic surgeons Dr. Mark Floyd and Dr. Brad Bushnell with Harbin Clinic Orthopedics Rome are able to quickly and effectively determine the cause of your pain without a trip to the MRI or OR. 

Harbin Clinic Orthopedics Rome has recently introduced the mi-eye 2™ technology to the Rome area and is the first and only team in the region using this exciting new tool. The small arthroscope can be used to look directly at the injured area to diagnose the damage and determine the best course of treatment. 

“This technology has been very helpful in treating joint injuries for our patients,” says Dr. Floyd. “Using the mi-eye 2™ device, we can diagnose an articular injury when getting an MRI is not an option or when we need to look at the cartilage directly. It’s been a successful addition to our practice.”

With a simple visit to the office and the use of a local anesthesia, this tiny camera device can be used to look directly at the injury to determine its location and severity. 

“The 2.2mm camera and light source gives us a better view of the injury than MRI imagery and it’s far less invasive than traditional arthroscopy that requires a costly trip to the operating room,” Dr. Bushnell explains. “This device is especially valuable in patients who can’t have an MRI because of pacemaker or defibrillator devices or other pre-existing metal implants. It’s also helpful in justifying a trip to the OR for high-risk patients with inconclusive imaging results.”

Not only does the instrument help physicians determine diagnosis more quickly, it also allows the patient to see the details in real time and to participate in decisions about treatment. 

“We consider our relationship with our patients to be a partnership, and this device makes it easier to explain the concerns and consider the possibilities so that we’re all on the same page going into the healing process,” Dr. Floyd says. 

This streamlined approach to joint treatment is a helpful addition to the complete care that patients can count on at Harbin Clinic Orthopedics Rome. No matter the cause of your injury, the physicians and clinicians at Harbin Clinic use cutting-edge technology and research to help get you back on top of your game more quickly.

For more information or to make an appointment with Dr. Floyd or Dr. Bushnell visit www.harbinclinic.com/ortho.