Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

At Harbin Clinic Cardiothoracic Surgery, we work closely with patients to create a customized treatment plan. We offer a wide spectrum of minimally invasive and traditional approaches to coronary artery bypass surgery to achieve the best possible outcome for each patient.

We specialize in minimally invasive surgical techniques, enabling patients faster recovery and return to normal activities with fewer side effects compared to traditional operations with a large incisions. Our minimally invasive approaches include the following:

  • Totally endoscopic, minimally invasive coronary artery bypass (TECAB) surgery with the use of a surgical robot. This is the latest advance in minimally invasive coronary surgery, as it doesn't require an incision and patients can often return to normal activities in just a few weeks.
  • Keyhole surgery (MIDCAB) that requires just a 2-3 inch incision instead of splitting the chest open.
  • Hybrid procedures: A pioneering advance that combines minimally invasive bypass surgery and stented angioplasty in one operation.
  • Off-pump or "beating heart" bypass in which the heart is not stopped during the operation.