Harbin Clinic Surgeon Quoted in Sports Illustrated

Rome surgeon Dr. Brad Bushnell, a sports medicine specialist with Harbin Clinic Orthopaedics, received national attention this week when he was quoted on the relationship between arm stress and pitch speed in the April 4th Sports Illustrated Baseball Preview Issue. Dr. Bushnell along with other Harbin Clinic orthopaedists are also team doctors for the Rome Braves.

Dr. Bushnell has published several medical journal articles addressing the relationship between velocity of pitches and stress on the arm. In the Sports Illustrated article entitled “Radar Love” by Tom Verducci, Dr. Bushnell provides information on arm and elbow stress as pitch speed increases. The article discusses America’s obsession with pitch velocity, and the potential dangers of injury that face players who throw at high speeds.

Dr. Bushnell’s research was conducted in partnership with the Colorado Rockies organization, and includes several papers published in the prestigious American Journal of Sports Medicine. The articles provide clinical research on shoulder and elbow injuries in professional baseball pitchers.

As part of the team at Harbin Clinic Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Bushnell continues to be involved in research projects aimed at improving health care for athletes of all ages. According to Dr. Bushnell, “By understanding the pitching motion and the specific stress it places on bones, joints, and muscles, we can often help pitchers prevent injury and shorten recovery time for injured players.”

According to Al Diaz, MD, Medical Director for Harbin Clinic, Dr. Bushnell’s dedication and commitment to use clinical research to find new and better methods to treat patients reflect the Harbin clinic standard. “Our goal,” Dr. Diaz said, “is to never be satisfied with current treatment and to continually seek better ways to help our patients.”