Harbin Clinic Neurosurgeon Publishes Trauma Articles in Medical Journal

Harbin Clinic Neurosurgeon Dr. John A. Cowan, Jr., published two articles in the March 2009, issue of the Journal of Trauma.

As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Cowan operates on spinal cord injury, brain injury, peripheral nerves and arteries of the neck and sees traumatic injuries on a daily basis. His office is located in the Harbin Clinic Neurosciences Department

Dr. Cowan has done extensive research on vehicle crashes and the trauma received by individuals due to noncompliant safety practices. In one of his published articles, Dr. Cowan reports on the direct influence the movie industry has on youth and their potentially negative behavior in reference to wearing seatbelts or motorcycle helmets and other dangerous driving behaviors.  

Dr. Cowan believes, according to the article, that healthcare providers should call on the motion picture industry to improve safety compliance messages and images in their products delivered for mass consumption.

The second article addressed firearm injury and death as related, also to the motion picture industry and its influence on viewers. Dr. Cowan concluded that, “Depictions of firearms in top revenue-grossing movies were common, but safety messages were exceedingly rare. Major motion pictures present an under-used opportunity for education about firearm safety.”

The two articles can be viewed in the Journal of Trauma on line at www.jtrauma.com. They are titled “Seatbelt and Helmet Depiction on the Big Screen Blockbuster Injury Prevention Messages” and “Firearms in Major Motion Pictures.”