Harbin Clinic Announces Plan to Build Cancer Center

Harbin Clinic LLC and Harbin Clinic Properties, announced their plans at a called press conference this morning to build a comprehensive, state of the art cancer center in Rome. The three-story, 55,000 square-foot building will be located on the corner of Second Avenue and West Fifth Street, between Barron Stadium and Floyd Medical Center.

While already maintaining the lead in providing the latest technology in cancer care to patients of Rome and Northwest Georgia, Harbin is excited about the new center because it will be the destination for patient-focused cancer care and support services. With cancer patients in mind, the cancer center is designed to meet patient needs at all points of their care.  

“Providing a true cancer program for our patients is more than just building a new facility with the latest equipment and technology. It’s centering everything around the cancer patients’ needs, by placing all of our cancer services in one location,” explained Dr. Ken Davis, President and CEO of Harbin Clinic.

 Specialties and services located in the center will include the offices of our Medical Oncologists and their Infusion Center, our Radiation Oncologists and their Radiation Oncology Center with two Varian linear accelerators, an imaging center with a new PET/CT scanner, which is a state-of-the-art imaging device for detecting cancers.  “The presence of this scanner in the cancer center clearly indicates how this is a community effort, as the scanner is jointly owned by Redmond Medical Center, Floyd Medical Center and Rome Radiology,” Dr. Davis said.  Located on the third floor of the Cancer Center will be the Floyd Breast Center.  There will also be a conference center which will host Harbin’s multidisciplinary lung and breast tumor cancer conferences.

 Harbin’s cancer related clinical trials and NCI Community Pilot study administrative functions will be in the Center as well.  Lastly, several of Harbin’s cancer patients’ resources will be present, including Cancer Navigators, a cancer resource library and a computer center for patients.

“Harbin’s vision statement states that we are committed to ‘creating a completely integrated, consistent and personalized patient experience that puts patient needs first’,” Dr. Davis said. “The purpose of this center is to be just that….for cancer patients and their families.  This center will be all about their needs.  There will be a heightened focus on delivering truly patient–focused care.  This center will emphasize that care must go beyond treating just the disease and will address the patient’s physical and emotional needs.”

William J. Todd, President and CEO of the Georgia Cancer Coalition said, “This decision by the Harbin Clinic to establish a state-of-the-art Cancer Center in Rome is in complete alignment with the State and Federal strategies of fighting back against cancer.  The Georgia Cancer Coalition supports building strong regional services in all parts of the state, and the Harbin Clinic can continue to count on support from us.  And the National Cancer Institute encourages communities to take a comprehensive approach as evidenced by Harbin’s participation in the NCI’s Community Cancer Center Program.”

Todd added, “Harbin Clinic has shown vision and leadership since the very beginning of the Coalition, and this is the next logical step to making significant strides in preventing, diagnosing earlier, and treating cancer. Rome should be very proud of such a bold move.  The Harbin Cancer Center will be very positive for the health and economy of the community.”

Harbin Clinic physicians have long been dedicated to providing cancer patients with world-class care, close to home. Harbin’s determination to offer patients a facility with the latest technology and complete cancer care services in one building has also been a passion and commitment on the horizon for Harbin for several years. It will now become a reality.

 “This vision and plan remains in line with Harbin’s heritage of “what’s possible when you care completely” for patients, friends, family and neighbors in this community and Northwest Georgia region,” explained Dr. Davis.

 Other service providers located in the Harbin Clinic Cancer Center  include Cancer Imaging, offering PET/CT imaging services; and the Breast Center, a department of Floyd Medical Center, which will offer digital mammograms with “Know in 24” Breast Cancer results.

 The new Cancer Center will also host Harbin Clinic’s weekly Chest Conference established by the late Dr. Tony Warren, Harbin Clinic Pulmonologist and it will host the weekly Breast Tumor Conference.

Typically only found at major academic medical centers, Harbin Clinic utilizes 45 different clinical trials for a wide variety of tumor types. Harbin Clinic makes it possible to get leading–edge care, close to home.

Harbin Clinic plans to complete the project in December 2010.