Coffee with Cardiologists: A Heart Health Virtual Event

We are excited to launch a special virtual event, Coffee with Cardiologists, in honor of February’s Heart Month. Coffee with Cardiologists is a virtual Q&A with six Harbin Clinic cardiologists representing Rome, Cartersville, and Calhoun. During the event, cardiovascular experts will discuss prioritization of heart health as it relates to maintaining overall wellness, easy and effective lifestyle changes to optimize heart function, and how strong vascular health plays a significant role in the fight against COVID-19. 

Epidemiologists and cardiologists realized early in the pandemic that those with cardiovascular disease are more than twice as likely to experience severe forms of COVID-19. While death rates from COVID-19 begin to decline in Northwest Georgia, cardiovascular disease remains a major predictor of hospitalizations and poorer outcomes.  

“We know that cardiovascular disease increases your risk of complications from COVID-19 infection,” says Harbin Clinic Cardiologist Dr. Charles Jackson. “Pre-existing heart conditions, such as weakened heart function or blocked arteries, weaken the body’s ability to fight off severe illnesses.  In this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever for people to continue to seek medical attention for chronic medical conditions.  Avoiding care for potential cardiac problems is dangerous any time, but especially for those people who contract a COVID-19 infection.  Medical offices and hospitals are taking major precautions to prevent COVID-19 spread so that we can continue to safely care for both COVID-19 infected and non-infected patients.”

Those who register are encouraged to submit a question they would like the physicians to address. Coffee with Cardiologists is hosted in partnership with the Cartersville-Bartow Chamber of Commerce, the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce, and the Rome Floyd Chamber of Commerce. Those who attend the virtual event are invited to visit their local Chamber of Commerce for a free cup of outdoor, socially distanced coffee from Java Joy

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