Clinical Trials

Research and clinical trials conducted by Harbin Clinic cancer specialists and staff, in partnership with leading academic and cancer centers around the world, benefit Harbin patients and the world-wide field of cancer treatment. Every therapy currently used to treat cancer was at one point tested as a part of a clinical research trial.  A cancer trial, or clinical study, is part of the research process in determining safe and effective approaches for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. 

The physicians at Harbin Clinic Cancer Center have been participating in clinical research trials in coordination with top academic research centers for many years.  These trials allow our physicians to determine potential new cancer treatments for a specific type of cancer. 

To find out more about Clinical Trials in Georgia check out Georgia CORE's (Center for Oncology Research and Education) initiative

To find out about our current clinical trials, or to find out if there is a clinical trial that is right for you contact Terri Brannon at 762-235-3930.