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Be Your Authentic Self: Celebrating Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. During this month and throughout the year, we celebrate women’s contributions to history, culture, and our society. As we reflect on those who have paved the way for progress, we also honor those who are shaping the future for generations to come. At Harbin Clinic, we take great pride in our female team members at every level of our organization. Throughout the month, we will be honoring some of the great women who work at Harbin Clinic and live out our mission to care completely for patients. We began our conversations by asking our female leaders the following questions: Who is the most influential woman you know? How does she inspire you?

Robin Abney, Credentialing Manager

Growing up, my mother was the most influential woman in my life. God and family are her priorities, and she instilled this in me. She and my dad created a loving, secure, and disciplined home, and I am blessed that we have grown into great friends as adults. Today, my daughters are my greatest source of inspiration. They could not be more different, which reminds me of the importance of meeting people where they are. The fact that their eyes are on me challenges me as a role model and encourager.   Helping to mold a young life is a humbling opportunity. Having a good example to follow has made this task seem easier.

Natalie Babington, Physician Recruiter

It seems impossible to pick just one woman who has influenced who I am today, as many have intentionally played a major role in my life. With this in mind, the most influential WOMEN in my life are my mother, my sister Emily, and Anna Mae Watkins. My mother showed me the value of loving others well by putting them first, my sister taught me the value of being genuine, and Anna Mae instilled the value of a quiet confidence from standing firm in who the Lord created me to be. These women embody what strength looks like in my life, and I delight in knowing their impact on me will inspire my daughter and the generations of women that follow.

Kayla Kindred, Senior Systems Analyst

The most influential woman I know personally is my mom, and she taught me that one of the most powerful things you can do in this world is to serve others. She is always looking for opportunities to invest in her family and community. Her eagerness to connect with people and make a difference in their lives inspires me to view each interaction as an opportunity to serve.

Tina McDowell, Practice Manager with Family Medicine Cedartown

The most influential woman in my life is my best friend, Jennifer Tucker. She speaks the truth to me when I need it most. Jennifer is passionate about teaching and serving others and is a great role model. Being a person of faith, she challenges me to read my Bible and be the best version of myself. She’s an inspiration to everyone she meets, and she really loves people. Whether we’re zip-lining or hiking together, I value her both personally and professionally. It is said that good friends are like four-leaf clovers, hard to find and lucky to have. She is, indeed, my four-leaf clover.

Shawn McGarity, Practice Manager with Pediatrics Rome

The most influential woman I know is my mother. She is such a wonderful mother and has been my entire life. Coming from humble beginnings, she has overcome so much. Of her many attributes, selflessness is what I admire most about her. Observing her over the course of my life encourages me never to give up. A constant encourager and motivator, she influences not only me but others. Because of everything she instills in me, I strive to inspire and uplift people.

Published March 8, 2022

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