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    Annual Pediatric Health Screenings Recommended for Every Age and Every Stage

    Annual wellness exams are essential for children’s healthy development both inside and out. Harbin Clinic Pediatrics encourages parents to schedule annual appointments for their children to help prevent future potential health problems and ensure that their growth and development is on track.

    We Care Completely for Every Person, Every Age, Every Gender and Every Race

    One of the things Harbin Clinic is most proud of is our history of caring completely for the people of Northwest Georgia. For over 100 years, we have dedicated our service to the wellness of our communities. When we promise to care completely, we are promising to care for every person, every age, every gender and every race.

    Dr. Amine Bourbia Joins Harbin Clinic Pulmonary Medicine

    As a pulmonologist and critical care physician, Dr. Bourbia has always been intrigued by the challenging aspects of his work. Whether caring for someone in acute critical care or developing a long-term relationship with a pulmonary patient, the responsibility to his patient’s wellness and solving their most complicated health problems is always his top priority.