Bill Harbin, MD, Nature Photography Displayed in the Harbin Clinic Cancer Center

A unique aspect of the new Cancer Center is the artwork hanging in the facility. Like other attributes of the Cancer Center, there is a meaningful story behind the images.

While visitors to the Cancer Center are encouraged when they see the Faces of Hope collection – featuring local cancer survivors hanging on the walls, nature photography is also a central focus of the décor. Thirty stunning images were captured and donated by Dr. Bill Harbin, son of Dr. Tom Harbin, one of the founders of Harbin Clinic.  Dr. Harbin is a radiologist, and also a world-class nature photographer and the winner of several prestigious international photography awards.  

“People battling serious illness need inspiration and strength, and the natural world is a great source,” said Dr. Harbin.  “It was my pleasure to donate these photographs so that patients will feel a connection to the wide world even while they must be inside battling cancer.”

Dr. Harbin’s nature photography can be seen Monday through Friday throughout the Harbin Clinic Cancer Center.