The Benefit of Massage as a Complementary Therapy for Cancer Patients

Massage can be a useful, noninvasive complement to traditional medical treatment. Therapeutic medical massage is given by state-licensed, trained massage therapists and is often covered by insurance. Studies of massage for cancer patients suggest massage can decrease stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue. It is also known to help relax muscles. Massage involves manipulation, rubbing, and kneading of the muscles and soft tissue to enhance function of those tissues and promote relaxation.

Quality of Life

Many people find that massage brings a temporary feeling of well-being and relaxation. These potential benefits hold great promise for people who have cancer, who often must deal with the stresses of a serious illness in addition to unpleasant side effects of conventional medical treatment.


Before Massage Therapy

You should consult with your physician before undergoing any type of therapy that involves manipulation of joints and muscles. Massage should be provided by a trained professional with expertise in working safely with people with cancer and with cancer survivors. It is important that the massage therapist know about your cancer and its treatment. It is also important for people who have cancer to let their physician know they are receiving massage.