Are You Heart Healthy? Dr. Rajeeve Subbiah Provides Simple Ways To Stay Proactive & Keep Your Heart Happy

“Most everyone knows that if you’re having chest pains, you might be having a heart attack,” Harbin Clinic Cardiologist Dr. Rajeeve Subbiah says. “But only about 20 percent of Americans know what the other heart attack symptoms are.”

Dr. Subbiah recently spoke during a radio interview, talking about heart health.

“Shortness of breath along with nausea and vomiting can also be symptoms of a heart attack,” Dr. Subbiah said. “A lot of women tend to suffer from shortness of breath when they are having a heart attack, and sometimes that can be overlooked.”

Knowing heart attack symptoms is important, but Dr. Subbiah also talked about things everyone can do to keep their heart healthy.

“The first thing we talk about is always diet and exercise. It’s everything that your mom told you that you don’t like to hear. But she was right,” Dr. Subbiah said.

You can hear more of Dr. Subbiah’s radio interview by clicking the link below.