Advanced 3D Mammography now offered at Imaging Cartersville

Most women will tell you that getting an annual mammogram isn’t the most comfortable experience. But with 3D mammography at Harbin Clinic Imaging Cartersville, women can breathe more easily knowing they’re getting the clearest, high-quality images to help detect cancer in its earliest form.

Using state-of-the-art imaging technology combined with comfort features, Harbin Clinic Imaging Cartersville is the first facility in Cartersville and Bartow County to offer 3D mammography with Fujifilm’s Aspire Cristalle system.

Mastering Mammography

The FDA-approved technology captures images of breast tissue from different angles, resulting in a highly-detailed 3D picture of the breast. Technicians and physicians achieve a crystal-clear image, making it easier to detect masses and tumors, even in particularly dense breast tissue.

Additionally, the machine is built to provide more comfort, utilizing paddles that contour to the breast for more uniform compression with less irritation for women.

"To be completely transparent, I'm thrilled with the clear images in my latest mammogram,” says Harbin Clinic CEO Kenna Stock. “I invite other women in the area to see what they've been missing.”

About Harbin Clinic Imaging Cartersville

Along with the 3D mammography, Harbin Clinic Imaging Cartersville also offers high-quality 2D mammography, breast ultrasounds, breast MRI’s and ultrasounds, guided breast biopsies and is American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited.

To learn more about 3D mammography and the other services Harbin Clinic Imaging Cartersville provide, visit the website at To schedule an appointment, please call 470-490-6115.