2016 Faces of Hope Honored at Cancer Center

The Harbin Clinic Cancer Center honored 11 cancer survivors on Wednesday with the unveiling of the 2016 Faces of Hope Exhibit. Survivors, family members, doctors, nurses and more were on hand to see the portraits and read the patient's testimonials in the ceremony at the Harbin Clinic Cancer Center.

The Faces of Hope exhibit combines black-and-white portraits of each survivor along with a placard detailing the survivor's journey from the time of their diagnosis to their recovery — in their own words.

The local survivors celebrated at the event were Crystal Davis, Christopher Honeycutt, Tina Huckaby, Joshua Mousseau, Henry Pollitz, Amy Burgess, Megan Mobbs, Montyne Payne, Dr. Willard Payne, Harry McConnell and Carol Waddell.